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Imagine this: one day you’re on Page 1 of Google. The next day you stumble down to Page 14. You don’t even know what hit you. This scenario happens in real life, and in most cases, hapless business owners are left in the rubble wondering what happened. Usually, this is a case of an algorithm change. IF you had used PropelDisplay, PropelSocial and PropelPPC this would not have happen!

Our team has ran over 10,000 campaigns, served up over 350 million impressions for the automotive industry, over 21 million impressions for the financial services and hundreds of other niches.

What is PropelDisplay?

PropelDisplay uses various display ad networks to target your location with YOUR ad on the web. You now have access to what larger companies have known for many years – the more times someone sees your ad, the more likely they are to purchase from you. This is a simple definition of branding. Branding creates a pleasant and persuasive perception of your business which compels them to purchase from your (or use you) the next time they need your type of company or services.

We recommend this service to complement any of our Return on Investment Campaigns to draw people to use you or purchase your service.

How Does it work?

With your website as the hub of your online marketing strategy; PropelPPC, PropelSocial and PropelDisplay — all direct traffic back to your site. PropelDisplay brings brand awareness by using multiple display networks to serve up high quality ads promoting YOU on some of the largest and most visited websites on the web such as,,,,,,, and many, many others. These ads are target to YOUR Demographic of customer, client or patient.

We design the ads that draw attention, then together, we select the demographics and the reach of your market and ads.

National campaigns, multiple location or franchises – NO PROBLEM!

Google Algorithm Updates

As previously mentioned, using PropelDisplay will also protect your website from Google’s algorithm changes. Google is continuously tweaking their algorithms to provide users with search engine results of ever improving quality and relevance.

Two of their major algorithms are called Panda and Penguin. To date, there have been 25 Panda updates since 2011 and 3 Penguin updates since 2012, which has affected 41.4% of search queries. Panda updates are generally targeted at sites with low quality content and Penguin updates are targeting web spam. Stay ahead of the game and have us run an audit report on your website.

If you want to stay unaffected by the next algorithm change, PropelPPC, PropelDisplay and PropelSocial are the way to go!

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