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The PROPELPPC Team Are Experts!

PropelPPC is about creating more customers or clients or patients with minimum risk. Google Adwords, Bing and Yahoo PPC are the best method to generate immediate leads and sales.

Our team members must first be Google Adwords Certified. Then, they go through hours and hours of training to optimize their skills before they ever touch your account. Your most precious commodity is your customers. Likewise our most precious commodity is YOU.

Our team:

  • Generated over 1.4 million ad clicks in the last year.
  • Manages over $500,000 a month in ad spend.

      Our Team has designed their own software to manage the stringent standards our client demands.

      Every Campaign Our Team Manages

      Every campaign our team manages:

    • Is personally designed to reach your goals.
    • Is regularly strength tested using advanced analytics
    • Is always managed by a real person – no setup and forget is strategy.Your campaigns are always being tweaked for the best response throughout the months and years of your agreement.
    • What is PropelPPC?

      PropelPPC is the optimization of your Adwords and other PPC campaigns. Adwords is the best way to see immediate results from your online digital spend. Our team has created hundreds of Adword campaigns and manage over $500,000 a month in spend. They understand your niche well. PropelPPC creates immediate leads which result in sales.

      E-commerce sites or multiple locations are no problem for our experienced team.

      Our Team Is Global!

      Our team places Google Adwords in US English, UK English, AUS English, German, French and Spanish. Wherever you want to market, there is a good chance we have been there.

      In addition, we recommend Re-targeting for most campaigns, provide landing pages and comprehensive ad tracking.

      Why Do You Need PropelPPC?

      90% of the time, when we do an Adwords audit for a potential client, we see glaring holes in the campaign. Our firm immediately implements a plan to plug the leak and add customers, clients or patients using the same spend. We provide our Adwords Audit free of charge and without any future obligation.

      • Even small changes made by our highly trained Google Adwords Professionals can dramatically increase your results and reduce your cost.

        Increase Your Sales! Get a FREE PropelPPC Google Adwords Audit now!

        PropelPPC is the Future

        Over 80% of all searches are on Google. The rise in mobile device usage has changed local search and buying behavior forever. It is causing consumers to search on the go for instant information and instant purchases. PropelPPC creates the extra traffic to increase your sales.

        What We Do? – PropelPPC Services

        • If you have an existing Google Adwords account – It all starts with a FREE, no further obligation audit of your Google Adword Campaign.
          90% of the time we find you substantial savings. This can be because of not following best practices
          or new changes which may be leaving a substantial amount of money on the table and hurting
          your return on investment.
        • If you need a new Google Adwords Account – We make it easy and set one up for you and estimate your Return on Investment before the campaign begins. This can be used as a guide in spending.
        • We adjust your campaign as it moves along to optimize results
        • You receive full disclosure reporting on the campaign

        And much, much more!!!

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